A life long dream

As a child, I always could remember my father saying that he wanted to open his own family business. A small store that can cater to everyone in the neighborhood, and that he and the family can be proud of. The business could in time be operated by us, his children who would continue to work on expanding and make it a known brand all across the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, due to the many responsibilities that come with having a family, it was pretty much impossible. With three children and trying to make ends meet, his dream wasn't within reach. Instead, he worked two jobs which included weekends. This was a dream that I too desired but that life's unexpected challenges and my unexpected life decisions would make me postpone.

Finally, after many years of hard work, I'm happy to say that my fathers and my dream, has become a reality. "Somos Soccer", is that dream come true. We hope that our sport apparel products not only meet your expectations but surpass them and that you can share your experience with family and friends.